Day 01





わたしの庭、watashi no niwa。



Even if you live in Izu, it’s easy to miss events in the area, let alone the neighbouring towns. It is really unclear on what events are happening around us. When we have some free time, we would like to know information about good places to visit, new shops and even shops that have been loved by the locals for many years but this information can be hard to come by.

The three of us have started to create this website to spread information to all lovers of Izu. Since the end of last year, we started planning the website’s content. Today we designed the brand name and logo.

We wanted to create the idea of the peninsula being one big garden, waiting for you to explore. We named it “my garden” (watashi no niwa). However it’s not just my personal garden, it’s for everyone to experience, so we dropped the “my” and so noniwa (garden) was chosen.

From now, we are going to slowly collect information that we, from the bottom of our hearts, want to tell anyone wanting to visit Izu. We want our recommendations to be honest and help promote the local area.


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